Makira Gold


Combating climate change challenges for indigenous farmers.

Red Fruits and Spices

About the farm

Indigenous farmers make the most of Makira’s tropical climate and rich volcanic soil, growing their cacao alongside native coconut trees, root vegetables, and hardwood. This remote rainforest island is not without its challenges, however, as climate change is leading to rising sea levels and destructive storms.

About the Partnership

Together with Original Beans, we’re paving the way to stronger economic opportunities for the indigenous farmers who are losing the battle against climate change. By combating local deforestation and supporting agroforestry projects in the area, we’re maintaining a farmable ecosystem and encouraging biodiversity in the region.

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Bean Profile

  • Genetics: Amelonado
  • Size: Average Size // 100 g for 100 beans
  • Fermentation: Individual Fermentation, Wooden Boxes
  • Drying: Solar Drying with Protective Roof

Flavor Profile

  • Floral: ●○○○
  • Fruit: ●●●○
  • Nut: ●○○○
  • Chocolate: ●●●○
  • Acidity: ●●●○

Ordering Information

  • Hand Sort: No
  • Bag Size: 62.5 kg
  • Certifications: None
  • FOB Price: $3,940 USD / MT
  • Availability: USA / Europe
  • Harvest Season: Year Round
  • Annual Harvest Volume: 10 MT (Annually)